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onTuesday, 31 August 2010
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What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you have been using the internet for a while you have probably heard of affiliate marketing. So what exactly is affiliate marketing and how can you make money doing it?

Affiliate marketing is whereby you promote someone's product and you then get paid if the person makes a sale. Obviously the product owner retains the greater percentage of the money but the beauty of it is that you can make money online without ever owning a product. You just direct prospects to the company or product owner’s website and you get paid if they buy.

What are the advantages of affiliate marketing?

The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that you do not need to be an expert is any subject so that you can create an information product or even manufacture anything. All you have to do is find potential buyers and recommend a product to them; if they buy you get a cut of the sales.

Furthermore once someone buys a product you are paid your commission and you don't need to worry about any after sales services. You leave the product owner to deal with shipping, processing payments and even technical support if needed.

Another advantage of affiliate marketing is that if you choose to promote a popular product half of the marketing is already done for you. This is because you don't need to put much effort in convincing people to buy a particular product because they already know about it and they may even be considering buying it. All you have to do is just direct them to where they can get it and that’s all.

So how do you get started in affiliate marketing?

First you need to sign up to an affiliate program on the product owner's or retailer's site. You will then be given a special affiliate link to their sales page. This is the link that you will be using to send potential buyers to their website. The good thing about this link is that it is unique and it lets the product owner know that you are indeed the person that sent a certain buyer to his or her website. When a customer buys from them you will receive payment either in form of a check or in your PayPal account.

The key to being successful in affiliate marketing is driving traffic to your link. You can do this using several methods; buying Google Ads, sending an email to your email list or doing SEO to your website so that you can get targeted traffic from search engines. If you don't have a website talk to your local web designers so that they can help you get a website ready and start making money online promoting other people's products.

Founder of Webstar Web Design and one of the leading web designers in Kenya, who loves all things design and technology. He has been designing websites since he was 13 years old. If he’s not doing web design, he enjoys losing his mind to progressive house music. Check out website examples he's worked on in the past.


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