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onTuesday, 07 February 2012
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How to Market Your Business Website Cheaply

As web designers and website owners our budget for advertising and marketing our businesses is always limited. We tend to think we can not have any marketing campaign without spending thousands of shillings. But nothing could be further from the truth.

With a little thinking and creativity you can turn low cost and free marketing methods into very effective methods. Below are some of the ways you can include in your web design to market your business at very little or no cost at all.

1. Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth is the oldest form of advertising. People always have a desire to share the things they love with their friends and family. You can therefore use this to your advantage by giving an incentive to your existing clients for sharing and recommending your product or service to their friends.

The incentive can be in the form of a discount for future purchases or even coupons to be redeemed elsewhere. It doesn’t matter what you offer them as long as it is something of value to them.

2. Use Local Deals Websites

People love deals and are always looking for a way to save  that extra shilling that is why websites like Rupu, Zetu and Mocality Deals are doing very well. These sites have thousands of people already subscribed and once there is a deal posted they are notified via their emails so that they can participate.

Therefore come up with an irresistible offer for your product or service then contact one of these websites to advertise your deal on their website.

3. Start Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing your business online. You only have to collect names and email addresses of your prospects and clients then send them emails regularly; these can be tips or even offers.

By doing this you will remain at the top of their minds. Therefore when they are ready to buy you will be the first person they will contact.

Well there have them, 3 cost effective ways to market your business website without breaking the bank. There are still more ways out there. Consult your website designers and get more creative to attract more customers to your website and business.

Founder of Webstar Web Design and one of the leading web designers in Kenya, who loves all things design and technology. He has been designing websites since he was 13 years old. If he’s not doing web design, he enjoys losing his mind to progressive house music. Check out website examples he's worked on in the past.


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